Money saved is like money earned

Open a deposit account and earn regular interest

  • Key Features
  • Who can Open the Account
  • As required under FTR Act & Customer Due Diligence
  • Identification documents required
  • Additional Information
  • Interest
  • Minimum Deposit F$25 per month or in the multiple of F$25.
  • Period -12, 24,36,48,60,72,84 or 120 months
  • Loan facility against the security of Deposit
  • Prepayment option available
  • Individual ( Singly or Jointly)
  • Illiterates
  • Literate Minors in the age group of 10 years and above (singly or jointly with Guardian)
  • Minors below 10 years of age jointly with Guardians


  • Authority to transfer funds from Saving/Current account to Term Deposit account by way authority letter or Cheque if funds are transferred.
  • Customer will be issued a Term Deposit Receipt / Acknowledgement containing the details of Term Deposit Account. This acknowledgement to be produced to the bank the time of payment / renewal / obtaining loan. Customer to keep the Receipt / acknowledgement safe and secure.
  • At the time of maturity or Withdrawal of Deposits, the deposit needs to be retruned back to the bank.

Customer to provide documents in support of following

    • Name of Customer
    • Permanent Residential Address in Fiji
    • Date of Birth
    • Occupation , Business , Service or Princial Activity
    • Citizenship
    • Source of Funds

    Non Residents / Non-Fiji Citizens
    • Name of Customer
    • Permanent Residential Address in Fiji
    • Date of Birth
    • Occupation , Business , Service or Princial Activity
    • Citizenship
    • Source of Funds
    • Current and valid Passport or any other travel document issued by a foreign government or recognised international Organisation
    • Current and valid Work, Business or Other Permit or Visa issued by the Fiji Immigration Department
    • Current and valid Employment or Student Status Document issued by the Customer’s Employer or the Education Institute in Fiji.
    • Any other document stipulated by regulatory agencies from time to time.

    For PEP Account (Following Information needs to be provided)
    • Name of Customer in Full
    • Details of Position holds lds or has held a senior government, political or military position
    • Title of Position held
    • If held in Past (From - Upto)

Compulsory Documents to be submitted

  • Tax Identification Number (Tin Letter)
  • A valid Joint Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority & Fiji National Provident Fund ID card
  • Birth Certificate issued by the Births, Deaths & Marriages Registry.
  • In case of married women, Marriage Certificate along with Photo Identity of the Groom & Address Proof is must, if Account is to be opened in name with Groom’s Name)
  • Two Latest Colour Photograph
  • Atleast -1- Document each from List A (FTR Regulations 8(1)) & List B (FTR Regulations 8(2)
List A (FTR Regulations 8(1))  
LIST – I (Latest/ recent photo identification documents)
  • Valid Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Valid Driving Licence
  • Valid Fiji National Provident Fund membership card;
  • The FIU has determined that the following maybe be used as a
  • identification documents :

    (*) Letter of reference or certification by a suitable third party.

    (*) Certificate of Registration in the Vola Ni Kawa Bula

List B (FTR Regulations 8(2)  
LIST – II (Latest / recent
documents showing
address proof)
  • Bank statement or account statement issued by another financial institution if the person previously transacted with a bank or financial institution and that bank or financial institution had confirmed the person’s identity (Not Older than 3 Months)
  • Valid Tax Identification Number and acknowledgement from Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority;
  • Notice of taxation assessment by the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority;
  • Utility Bill for Electricity, Water, Telephone or other similar services issued by the authority responsible for the supply of such services - (Not Older than -3- Months)
  • Municipal Business Licence Certificate or Municipal Rates Statement or Invoice;
  • Mortgage / Loan Account Statement from another financial institution;
  •  Cellular Phone / Television Account Statement;
  • Long-term or short-term insurance policy document issued by an Insurance Company;
  • Motor Vehicle license or registration document;
  • Land or other property ownership document or title;
  • Employment Identification Card or a Letter from the Employer;
  • Pay or salary slip;
  • Identification card issued to a student at a tertiary or technical education institution;
  • Verification by a suitable referee to the satisfaction of bank. (For Current Account)
  • Operative Account is must for placing the deposits.
  • Customer is issued a Recurring Deposit Pass Book containing the details of Recurring Deposit Account. The Passbook is to be produced by the customer at the time of payment / obtaining loan. Therefore customer is to keep the passbook safe.
  • Resident Individual Withholding Tax (RIWT)/ Non Resident Individual Withholding Tax (NRIWT) will be applicable as per FRCS guidelines issued from Times to Time.
  • For clarification or any other information, please contact any of the branches in Fiji.
  • Terms and Conditins apply.
  • Interest on Recurring Deposit will be paid at the time of maturity after deduction of Resident Individual Withholding Tax (RIWT)/ Non Resident Individual Withholding Tax (NRIWT) applicable as per FRCA guideline.
  • Prepayment of Recurring Deposit / Payment of interest on prepaid deposit will be at the sole discretion of the Bank.
  • No renewal is allowed.
  • Part closure is not allowed.
  • Partial withdrawal of interest is not allowed.
  • For rate of interest please Click here
  • Please refer interest rate brochure for rate of interest.
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